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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Everyone has a story and a perspective

I know that we all form opinions without really knowing someone, but have you ever thought of how our perspectives of people might influence us?  What I mean is, if you are told someone is an alcoholic will you look at them differently than if they were a millionare?  Now what if you were a photographer and you were asked to photograph someone's essence or their personality by what you are told about them.  What if you are told a lie?

I found this video of an experiment where six photographers were all given the assignment of photographing the same man, but this kicker is that they were all told a different lie about him.  This is the video of what happened.

So what do you think?  Did each photographer capture the personality that they were told?  What do you think of this experiment?  Is this something that you would love to try?


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  2. This was a very cool video. It kind of brought me back to relating it to our society and how people judge others by who they think that person is. I would definitely love to try this experiment!

  3. my favorite piece would have to be the Yanona II.i like the colors. you can tell who ever made this worked really hard and long on this. I also like the Hanona II.